A Trade Service Since 1955

Rebuilders of Airconditioning
& Refrigeration Compressors

John Beal (Vic-Aus) offers extensive experience in the field of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration. We provide total compressor rebuild services from our on-site repair facility.

a trade service since 1955

John Beal (VIC-AUS)

An independently owned and operated Australian company providing engineering services for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. We have been in this business since 1955 and are proud to have provided exceptional services and solutions to a wide spectrum of industries requiring cooling and refrigeration systems. 

Our technicians’ knowledge, expertise and experience are highly sought after making us a reputable and reliable company offering exceptional service to our valued customers.

Our Services

we provide onsite or offsite rebuild of compressors. John Beal (Vic-Aus) services include

Sale of parts and materials

Our products are of superior quality ensuring optimal efficiency and performance. If you're looking to source parts for trade or to complete repairs yourself, we have the resources to help find the hardware you need.


Our rebuilding process begins with our experienced and highly skilled technicians stripping down the compressor and conducting the initial inspection of the faulty component.

Repairs, maintenance and servicing

Our experienced and highly skilled technicians can offer a complete operational control check at the end of the reinstallation to ensure proper operation of the rebuilt refrigeration compressor.

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